Singapore Math (part 2)



Jeremy bought 8 identical pens and 5 identical notebooks. The cost of 8 pens is the same as the cost of 5 notebooks. Each notebook costs 30 cents more than each pen. How much did Jeremy spend altogether?

The video at the bottom of this page shows the difference between the US and the Singapore method to find the solution for this mathematical problem.


“Singapore math is a teaching method based on the national curriculum for kindergarten through sixth grade (elementary school) in Singapore.” Wikipedia

The method offers fewer mathematical concepts (than the US or the European curriculum) at greater details and there are three steps in the learning process:

1) concrete; like counting objects by lining them up in a row
2) pictorial; drawing diagrams like bar models
3) abstract; using numbers and symbols

Math teachers in Singapore focus on visualisation, finding patterns and mental strategies.


In the next video you’ll see the US method of teaching compared to the Singapore way:

– to be continued –

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