Don’t worry, be happy!


Add more humor to your life, your work, your education, your friendship and to your classroom. Laughing helps you to relax and to be yourself. Laughing makes it more easy to feel a stronger connection with your children, partner, family, friends and colleagues.

“Life can be fun and entertaining if you know how to let it. To become truly happy you must have a sense of humor. For some of us this comes naturally and for others we might have to work a little to unlock it. It’s a great tool to turn something bad in something good and people love to be surrounded by someone who can make them laugh.”

I’ll show you 2 easy ways to increase the humor level in your life:

1) look around and be inspired

  • go out with funny people (and don’t be afraid to contribute)
  • watch comedies and stand ups
  • search for pictures, books, jokes, video ‘s that make you laugh and post a funny picture in a place where you can see it everyday
  • read the book “writing secrets” by Melvin Helitzer

2) take every day a small step to unlock your own sense of humor

  • relax and let humor come naturally. If you want to be more funny let it flow. Humor will flow naturally if you let it. Being nervous and hesitant will kill a good sense of humor
  • to really develop a sense of humor, you need to laugh more
  • take something ordinary and make a joke out of it, “there’s a hidden joke behind every little event and situation you come across.”
  • after LOL, write it down and read it over
  • don’t take yourself so seriously, make jokes about yourself and your mistakes. “If you can find the absurdity in your own circumstances, you can keep them from getting down.”


“In every life we have some trouble, but when you worry, you make it double.”

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